Spring League starts Wednesday, April 28th

Every Wednesday, 6:30-9:00pm for 8 weeks

Click here for basic Volleyball rules of play

COED 4‘s 

Basic Rules

Net Height: 2.43 M’ 
Minimum of 1 members of the opposite sex on the court at all times.
There is no distinction between back and front row.

Each team plays 3 matches each night 

each match is best 2/3 rally point games point limits decided on the night based on numbers of teams

5 minutes between each match

Teams will switch court sides between games. 

Scores (wins/losses) will be recorded each night.

Service may take place anywhere along the end line.

While crossing the net, the ball may touch the net, even during the service action.

A service order (rotation) must be established and maintained

The ball may be contacted no more than three times in succession by a team 

(NOTE: the block does not count as a contact).

Players may not contact the net (with the exception of hair, sunglasses, and front row players if he/she accidentally touches the net while the ball is in play in the back court)

The ball must pass over the net and completely between the posts to remain in play.

Multiple contact is allowed on the first contact if it occurs during one attempt to play the ball.

The ball may be touched with any body part of the body.



-Spin is not an indicator of a fault (dead set is no longer enforced).
-The ball must be contacted simultaneously by both hands and not allowed to come to rest
- A ball need not travel in the same direction the setter is facing; however, the setter cannot hold or carry the ball to change direction of the set.

Competitive COED 3's

Rules as above with the addition of :

No open handed tipping.
No setting over the net.


Teams are responsible for

-making sure there are enough players each night
-notifying team members when games are canceled due to inclement weather
-the setting up and taking down of nets

-bringing their own volleyball for warm-ups.

-refereeing their own games and keeping score

-all personal belongings

-cleaning up garbage left on the field

-instructing children to play in the designated areas well away from the courts 

and to respect school property 

C.O.V. is looking forward to a great start in bringing outdoor volleyball to 

Mill Bay. Our goal is to provide active people in the surrounding communities an opportunity to come together and participate in a challenging and very social sport. 

We would like to thank Brentwood College for the use of their field and Catrina’s Bistro for providing a friendly setting for our first of many social gatherings. 

Thank you for signing up and let’s have some FUN!

Bonnie and Dewi Griffiths 

C.O.V. League Organizers

Phone: 743-6652 



*please make cheques payable to Dewi Griffiths

*cancellations due to inclement weather will be decided by 5:00 pm

*canceled sessions will be made up in the end of June